Hambo 2

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Ahh good old Bacon, who would’ve ever thought it to be a source of epic dispute? Join Hambo 2, the hard-pressed war hero in his quest of outmost importance – save the precious Bacon of his best friend! At your disposal is a deadly weapon arsenal and skills, so let the holy journey towards the Bacon begin!

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Give them Ham! Or better yet, take it away from them!

Hambo 2 always helps a buddy in distress, that’s how the social pig code works you know. Set out on the adventure of a life time, no doubt a dangerous one but also a rewarding one! It’s time to end injustice for good!

Eradicate your enemies with style and get to the Bacon in every level! Hambo 2 is also a reactive physics game, so brute force won’t do the trick every time, there is more than meets the eye alright?

Let’s tango with Hambo!